More efficient and collaborative health journeys

At Healthanea, we bring together energy, ambition and expertise to orchestrate journeys across healthcare players: Hospitals, pharmacies, payers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, healthcare professionals, and digital healthcare solutions.

Our signature use cases are Early detection, Primary care coordination and Post diagnosis care coordination.


Early detection

At Healthanea, we believe in the power of digital to support the patient through an improved access to early detection of a medical condition.
A belief that comes to life as we minimise the time to diagnosis by orchestrating health journey from risk assessment through to diagnosis.
Our technology delivers a thorough set of data insights, which we leverage to continually improve the effectiveness of the early detection solution.

Primary care

We streamline healthcare journeys to make them more efficient and sustainable.
We guide patients with early symptoms towards proper care options. We provide the right information and guide patients towards the relevant primary care providers.
We allow patients to alternate between a digital healthcare starting point and a physical healthcare journey.

Post diagnostic
care coordination

We bring together all the conditions to create a genuinely patient-centric healthcare experience.
We orchestrate the journey from diagnosis to home monitoring by supporting medical protocols, coordinating healthcare players and providing better access to care services.
This collaborative view of a healthcare ecosystem allows our partners to deliver disease specific programs in oncology or cardiovascular areas, for example.